“ Steve is professional and always on time. I never had to cancel an appointment after switching to Medtrips. I feel safe when riding with him. ”


Medtrips Promise

Medtrip Promises to Make your Trip Easier & On Time. Medtrips Cares about each and every one of our customers. Has timely transport been a problem for you? Medtrips is your solution. We at Medtrips care about our patients and we value their time. We provide on time transportation to just about anywhere in Westchester County, NY or from Westchester County. Whether it is going to the hospital, dialysis, airport, nursing home, to grab a bite at a restaurant or to meet a friend even, we will provide on time transport for all your needs. We promise to keep you happy because Medtrips Cares. You ask us, we will take you there. We take Pride in Serving you On Time.